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Purple Flowers

This beautiful postcard took 8 days to arrive and traveled 3,845 miles from Wrexham, North Wales.

I’m fairly certain that is lavender. I would pay a pretty penny to stand in the middle of a field like that. Can you imagine what it would smell like? Pure bliss.

The sender of this postcard taught me good morning in Welsh. It’s “Bore Da”.

I have not mentioned in my profile that purple is my favorite color, so maybe some sweet spirit whispered in his ear and told him this postcard would do just fine.

I tried planting lavender last year, but it never came up. The other flowers I planted did, but before they could bloom a damn rabbit came and ate every last stalk. When the rabbit was finished, you couldn’t even tell there had ever been a plant there. I was furious in ways that I can’t fully articulate, but if I ever find that cottontail, I’m gonna put him/her in my belly! Roasted rabbit sounds mighty delicious!

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July 4th at Goodale State Park

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Hrm . . . how did these ever slip by me?  Very good question.  Well, I suppose late is better than never, or so they say, right?

This isn’t the best picture of a dragonfly that I have taken, but I really did love his color.  I chased him around for  a good ten minutes before he decided to sit long enough for me to get this picture.  I tried getting closer, but he kept flittering away like I was scary or something.  The nerve of some dragonflies!

If it is purple, I might take a picture. If it is purple and happens to be a flower, I must take a picture.  This little flower reminds me of a picture I took at the Wanshi Botanical Garden in Xiamen, China, way back when, but it isn’t quite as frightening. Still pretty, though.

My camera may be awesome, but it wasn’t quite as awesome as I needed it to be in order to capture this little guy in complete focus.  There were a bunch of lizards out and about that day, but he seemed especially interested in the Canon I had hanging around my neck.  Had I not hear him scurrying underneath the leaves, I seriously doubt I would have ever seen him.  He almost blends in perfectly with tree.

Once upon a time, I used to take pictures of benches, and I had this crazy idea that I was going to make a coffee table book entitled, Bitch’n Benches and Some Pretty Flowers.  Like many of my ideas, he never took off, and I never made my coffee table book.  I still take pictures of benches, though, just in case.

Even though spiders freak me out, I love taking pictures of them.  I love looking at and admiring them, but the instance they touch me – all bets are off!  I have an awful habit of getting too close when I try to use my macro lens. On more than one occasion my lens has touched the spider or the web, and well, I might as well have petted them when that happens because I always instantly transform into Little Miss Muffet and start screaming as I aim for the hills.  Spiders are beautiful, but I hate each of the eight freaky legs!

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Purple Faerie

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Recently, I updated my Postcrossing profile with a more specific list of the types of postcards I would like to receive.  Postcrossing says that you can’t demand a certain type of postcard, but that you can give suggestions to help other users choose from the postcards they have.  It is not that I didn’t like the postcards I was getting.  All of my postcards are great.  I just wanted to let the other users know what I would enjoy most – if they had that type of card to send.

I indicated that I loved faeries, and if anyone had a postcard with a faerie on it, I would love to become its owner.  A few days later, this arrived in my mailbox.  It rocks not only because it is a faerie, but because it is a purple faerie. Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed with purple I am.

I am almost certain that this an Amy Brown faerie, but I didn’t see her signature anywhere on the front or a snippet on the back telling me so.  I asked the sender if it was, but she never got back to me.   Hot Topic use to sell Amy Brown faerie calenders, cards, and other stuff, but now I can’t find her faeries anywhere other than online.  And this wasn’t an originally a postcard.  The sender said it had been a regular card, but that she transformed it into a postcard for me because she knew how much I liked faeries.

If I was just a smidge talented, I would draw faeries all day long.  I can’t even draw a stick figure properly. :(  At work the other day, I tried to draw one just to see how it would turn out.  I found out that I am pretty good at wings, but I can’t draw a face or body to save my life.

Phil thinks I am absolutely insane to believe that faeries actually exist.  I guess that is part of the kid in me that never grew up.  :)  He thinks that people mistook hummingbirds or insects for faeries.  Maybe they did.  Who knows.

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Purple Because

bya Gabrielle at 12:36 AM

I may have been tired a lot of the time I was in China and used that as an excuse not to blog, but at least I had stories to tell had I made my lazy butt type. So far, in 2009, nothing interesting has happened to me to be deemed blog worthy.

Besides putting our table project on hold until we have more time and good weather, the only thing Phil and i have been doing is house hunting. We’ve been looking rather seriously for nearly 2 months now. We haven’t had a lot of luck. It’s supposed to be a buyer’s market right now, so you would think it would be a little easier to find what we are looking for. So far, every thing we have found and been really interested in has either had a major flaw or been sold by the time we found it. Tomorrow we are taking a second look at a downtown property that seems to have some potential. Hopefully, we won’t find anything really wrong with it. If the viewing goes well, then we have to jump the hurdle called a “short sale”. It could be a risky buy, so Phil is going to have to do some serious thinking before he signs any paper work. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And since I have absolutely nothing else to talk about, I am going to post a picture of a purple flower that I took back in 2005. I was in to purple way before it became the cool color.

I don't even remember where I took this.  I just know I took it's picture cause it was purple.

I don't know where I was when I took this picture. I just know I took the picture because it was purple.

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All Hail The Purple Queen

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to be a Purple Queen for Halloween.  The thought only really occurred to me after I opened my dad’s birthday present that arrived the day before Halloween.  Inside the box was an awesome purple shirt that said “Everything purple is mine.  Everything else can be dyed of painted.”  It was totally a Gabe shirt.  There was also a purple newsboy style hat. It was then that the thought hit me.  I ran to my closet and pulled out everything purple that would go together.  You would be surprised how my purple I own.  I had Phil take some pictures of me to document the purple awesomeness that was me.  :)  I just wanted a picture of me in my getup, but no, I had to pose and look pretty, too.  Of course, the photo shoot went to Phil’s head, and now he thinks he can be a professional photographer, just like he now thinks he should be a pie maker because he made a really nice pumpkin pie for my birthday.  Well, anyway, All Hail The Purple Queen Gabe!!  :)


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Happy Halloween!

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I think Morgan was Basement Cat.  Perhaps she went back to Hell to make sure all the other hell cats were behaving themselves.

I think Morgan was Basement Cat. Perhaps she went back to Hell to make sure all the other hell cats were behaving themselves.

I’ve finally decided what to be for Halloween.  The Purple Queen!  You’ll understand when I take some pictures and upload them later. And I didn’t have to spend a dime.  Horray!  Everything came free of charge out of my wardrobe.  Can’t beat that.

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