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Purple Flowers

This beautiful postcard took 8 days to arrive and traveled 3,845 miles from Wrexham, North Wales.

I’m fairly certain that is lavender. I would pay a pretty penny to stand in the middle of a field like that. Can you imagine what it would smell like? Pure bliss.

The sender of this postcard taught me good morning in Welsh. It’s “Bore Da”.

I have not mentioned in my profile that purple is my favorite color, so maybe some sweet spirit whispered in his ear and told him this postcard would do just fine.

I tried planting lavender last year, but it never came up. The other flowers I planted did, but before they could bloom a damn rabbit came and ate every last stalk. When the rabbit was finished, you couldn’t even tell there had ever been a plant there. I was furious in ways that I can’t fully articulate, but if I ever find that cottontail, I’m gonna put him/her in my belly! Roasted rabbit sounds mighty delicious!

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Postcrossing One Country At a Time

bya Gabrielle at 1:04 PM

Here are six more postcards that I received through Postcrossing this past week. As soon as I save up some money and some vacation time, I’m going to have to start traveling again. Maybe to help me decide where to go first, I’ll put all of the postcards I’ve received in a big basket, close my eyes, and pluck one out. That would make traveling pretty interesting. Hrm, I can so see that being a premise of a Discovery or Travel Channel show. I’d watch it. :)

I felt pretty special to get this one from Hong Kong. There are only 68 users there, and I’m sure they are all not active. I loved the architecture of the buildings in China, especially in Hong Kong.

If someone could please translate this for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I was only able to recognize a few of the characters.

I really want to visit Germany at least once before I die. My ancestors came over on a boat in 1854.

I’m convinced that all Germans write their 1’s like little upside down V’s. How wicked. Not wicked in a bad way, wicked in an interesting way.

This is the first panoramic postcard that I’ve received. I really like the colors in it.

If I ever need to be inspired one day, I’ll just pull this postcard out and give it a read.

This is the first postcard that I’ve received from Lithuania. Seems like an interesting place.

It sure took a lot of stamps to send the postcard to me. I wonder how hard it would be to learn Lithuanian. It doesn’t look particularly easy.

Never been to New Hampshire, but I would like to travel north one day – only in the summer though. I can’t stand cold weather. I’d rather be hot and melting than cold and frozen.

I sent Audrey a postcard, and she was nice enough to send me one in return. I find it funny that the Post Office let it be sent with the 26 cent stamp, instead of the new 27 cent one.

This one is from Wisconsin, another state I’ve never been able to visit . . . yet.

My first postcard was from a 9 year old boy in Finland. It’s nice to see young people participating in Postcrossing.

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