bya Gabrielle at 9:14 AM

Purple Flowers

This beautiful postcard took 8 days to arrive and traveled 3,845 miles from Wrexham, North Wales.

I’m fairly certain that is lavender. I would pay a pretty penny to stand in the middle of a field like that. Can you imagine what it would smell like? Pure bliss.

The sender of this postcard taught me good morning in Welsh. It’s “Bore Da”.

I have not mentioned in my profile that purple is my favorite color, so maybe some sweet spirit whispered in his ear and told him this postcard would do just fine.

I tried planting lavender last year, but it never came up. The other flowers I planted did, but before they could bloom a damn rabbit came and ate every last stalk. When the rabbit was finished, you couldn’t even tell there had ever been a plant there. I was furious in ways that I can’t fully articulate, but if I ever find that cottontail, I’m gonna put him/her in my belly! Roasted rabbit sounds mighty delicious!

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