Rejection Letter #50

bya Gabrielle at 12:38 PM

I found out about this rejection a day before the email went out because I signed into their system and saw that it was complete. And the email that was sent wasn’t really a rejection. It was more like – “Hey, these guys won, but not you, thanks for playing!” I didn’t even get an honorable mention. Sad face. I’m kinda mad that I took the chance and paid the $20 to enter.  I typically don’t pay any reading fees, but Glimmer Train is legit, and hell, I had to try. I do believe in my story, so that’s why I did it, but I think I’ll not be paying anyone else to read it, regardless of the possible amount I could win in addition to getting published.

But so I don’t look like a sore loser – congratulations to the other guys and gals!

Rejection #50 – Glimmer Train – Fiction Open

No image available. Just a stupid email congratulating everyone except for me.

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