Rejection Letter #39

bya Gabrielle at 3:37 PM

This too came ages ago, but like before, I’ve been dealing with an infant who demands my attention 24 hours a day.  And that is only a slight exaggeration.

This is the first rejection letter I’ve received in the mail so far.  It made the whole, “Sorry, we liked something else better.” more real in a way.  I knew as soon I as I touched the envelope, it being so thin, that it wasn’t them replying to tell me how awesome I was and how excited they were to put my work in their magazine.  Being an actual tangible rejection, I debated burning it, but that seemed childish and I didn’t.  I really wish they had something more critical to say about it.

At least I know they read the title and took a few seconds to write it down on their form before stuffing it back in my SASE.

Rejection Letter #39 – The Gettysburg Review

The Gettysburg Review Rejection Letter

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