Rejection Letter #2

bya Gabrielle at 12:07 PM

I woke up this morning to my second rejection letter.  It wasn’t the way I wanted to start this beautiful Friday, but at least I won’t have to wonder what The Fiction Desk thought of “Jenny Kissed Me” anymore.  Their response was, as expected, a form, and this is how it went:

Rejection Letter #2 – The Fiction Desk

Dear Gabrielle,
Thank you for taking the time to submit your work to us.
Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept this story for publication. Don’t let this get you down, though. There are many possible reasons for turning down a story, and we regularly turn down great work just because it isn’t quite right for us. (Due to time constraints, we’re unable to discuss reasons for rejecting specific stories.)
We’re committed to publishing a variety of fiction from both new and established writers, so please do submit to us again.

If you’d like to find out more about this kind of stories we publish, you can download free samples of our anthologies, containing complete stories, for your iPadiPhone, or Kindle.

The Fiction Desk submissions team.


I looked up examples of rejection letters that other people have received, and it seems that just about everyone and their sister’s brother gets this one, so I wasn’t too surprised when I got it too.  However, I was surprised to find a typo.  Did you see it?  They put a “this” instead of a “the” when instructing me how to find out what kind of stories they publish.  I wonder if it is some sort of test, to see who is brave enough to let them know.  Well, it won’t be me.  I make mistakes all the bloody time.  I’ll be the last person to call out a literary magazine.  But if you want to inform them, be my guest.

I currently have 10 more possibilities for “Jenny Kissed Me”, at least in the paying market, and 1 in the non-paying market, but I won’t hear back from any of them any time soon.  The next one I will probably hear from is 42 Magazine, followed by The Lifted Brow.

Well, time to work on my novel, “Terminus”.


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