License to Blog

bya Gabrielle at 5:45 PM

I should have mine revoked.  I absolutely suck at this.  I used to be so good at it, too.  What has happened to me?  Ugg, I don’t know.

Phil’s parents are visiting for the first time.  It’s been interesting to say the least.   The weather has been sorta sucky.  Cold and rainy.  The fireworks on Sunday should be impressive.  It will be an experience for them for sure.  I don’t know why, but I feel that the fireworks this year will be even more insane because it is the year of the dragon.  I guess we will find out.

One of these days, I will renew my blog license.  I just don’t know when it will be.  I’ve lost my blog voice.  All of the interesting things I see don’t motivate me like they used to.  Maybe that means I need to move on and find a new muse.  If only I knew where to go.

Life, it’s so complicated.

In other news, I am working on getting my novella published.  I can promise you that if and when that happens, I will write all about it.  Also, I am working on my first sci-fi piece.   I’ve enjoyed writing it, but I find it more difficult.  There is an art to sci-fi, and I am still trying to figure that out.

Well, back to my world.  Take care.

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