Proof That My Kitty Was The Devil

bya Gabrielle at 7:00 AM

Morgan Rose Ireland Yvette DeWitter

Morgan Rose Ireland Yvette DeWitter

Well, if she wasn’t The Devil, she was at least some sort of undead that hell spawned.  Sadly, my kitty is no longer with me.  Her visa expired several months ago, and she had to return from whence she came.  I miss her so much.

I miss her trying to steal my dinner, her hissing at me because I told her she had to go outside,  and her few and far in between kisses.  I miss the conversations we would have.  No, really, my cat talked to me.  She was by far the most vocal cat I have ever known.  I doubt I will meet another one quite like her.

I really wish I knew what happened to her.  One day she was here, looking evil as always, and the next day she was gone.  Even her buddies, Dopple and Thames, have disapeared.

Her greatest moment ever was when she peed on this guy who had to stay over one night.  She peed directly on his crotch while he was sleeping.  When he woke up, he thought he had wet the bed.  I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.  He turned out not to be such a good friend not too long after that, and so I thanked her.  Seems she knew before I did that he was a no good dirty rotten rat.

She liked Phil though – a lot.  I wonder if she liked him because she knew he was allergic to her.  That is what an evil cat would do, I think.

Ah, I miss you kitty.

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