My Baby Plants Part 2

bya Gabrielle at 7:00 AM

Another week, another set of pictures of my baby plants. This week, I actually have some pictures of the green pepper plants. I have no idea why it took them three weeks to sprout. It was only supposed to take about 7 days like all of the others. Of the 18 that we planted, about 14 of them are now visible. Phil’s watermelon seeds sprouted, too. I didn’t think that they would for some reason, but they proved me wrong. I can’t wait until the plants grow up and start yielding a crop.


Week 3

Cucumber Plant

Snow Peas

Week 3

Snow Pea Plant

Green Beans

Week 3

Green Bean Plant


Week 3

Tomato Plant


Week 3

Cantaloupe Plant

Green Peppers

Week 3

Green Pepper Plant


Week 3

Watermelon Plant

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