Round Two: Typhoon Wutip AKA Butterfly

bya Gabrielle at 2:32 AM

Well, Typhoon Paduk didn’t even make a leaf fall. The only thing we got were its clouds, a nice breeze, and three drops of rain. It traveled too far west for it to effect us at all. It was nice not getting the main brunt of it because the clouds and the wind have made the weather much more enjoyable and pleasant. With humidity and the heat index, temperatures have been hitting the 101 mark recently. I thought that was hot until I heard that temperatures back home have been maxing out at nearly 120. Apparently, there is a crazy heat wave affecting many areas of America right now.

And apparently, there is another typhoon coming this way. This one’s name is Wutip, at least that is what we Westerners are calling it. It is something a little different in Chinese, but my students told me that it’s name translates into Butterfly. Yes, Butterfly. Who in the world would name a typhoon butterfly?? Typhoons aren’t pretty and graceful! They’re horrible, non-forgiving forces of nature that destroy things!! I guess that would make an interesting horror movie . . . Killer Butterflies. This one actually looks like it may come closer to us, but it is not as strong as Paduk was. Although, I guess anything can happen. There is that little stretch of water that could feed the typhoon and make it stronger before it hits land again. You can see where they think it might go by looking at the graphic below.

Typhoon Wutip


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