Fu Chun Tao Yuan

bya Phil at 1:13 PM

Here’s a nice pano of Fu Chun Tao Yuan. It’s a lake next to a huge cavern. I’ll let Gabe post the cavern pics and what not. Gabe took the pics for this pano. For 120 RMB you get a tour through the cave, get two pictures taken, ride a small train through a cave, play on an old old playground, and go on a bamboo boat ride. I’m gonna make this post short and sweet…

The old old playground is made for adults, too. I’ve found the Chinese adults play just as hard as the kids.

Bamboo is great for a lot of things, but boats??? Well, it worked, kinda  . . . My shoes will dry eventually.

Finally, what do you call being able to slightly converse with an older Chinese woman with a thick Fuyang accent, explain that we’re stuck in the country side looking for a bus, her understand, and wave down a strange looking van/bus immediately to take us back home???

A) God
B) Luck

Both answers are correct.

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