New iPhone App Territorial – Start Claiming Your Dog’s Land(FREE)

bya Gabrielle at 1:19 PM

Do you have a dog?

What about an iPhone?

Okay, now the important question.  Do you walk your dog or take it places?

You do?! Then I have a great new app for you.  It’s called Territorial.  The premise is simple.  You take your dog out and when he/she relieves himself, you click a button that says “OWN IT”, and that little plot of land is yours, or rather your dog’s, until another dog comes along and does the same thing.  It’s a game, and the goal is to claim and keep as much territory as you can.

Below is a picture of  the street my dog, Meili, has decided can be shared by no one. She’s made it her life mission to destroy all red dots – those are other people’s dogs marking their territories. She stole back a few places yesterday and has made it her goal to get the rest when she goes on her walk today. Friendly competition is what makes this game so much fun!


My Territories


There’s a cool leaderboard that you can be on and climb as you claim more territories! Meili obviously doesn’t have enough urges to go because as you can see, I’m in 3rd place, and this is my freaking app! And by my app, I mean, my husband, Phil, made it for me. If he created apps for every idea I had, he’d have to quit his job. Not sure why he decided to make this one, out of all the others I’ve had, but I generally don’t ask questions when he does nice things. But anyway, your name could be on this leaderboard, too, you just need to download this app to your iPhone and start walking your dog! Have I mentioned it’s FREE? Free is awesome!



Right now there are four achievements you can unlock. We plan to add more in future builds, but right now you can be a puppy, a dog, a wolf, and an alpha! Isn’t all this exciting? You know your dog is itching to conquer the world, one bowel movement at a time, so hurry up and download this app and start marking your dog’s land!



If you have any suggestions for future builds, please drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you.  Oh, and please tell all your friends, both furry and not!


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