Piles of Postcards

bya Gabrielle at 11:09 AM

I’m still participating in Postcrossing, just not at the speed I was when I first started. International stamps are expensive, especially when you are sending out 6 or so postcards at a time every week and a half. Well, I’ve been a bit busy(lazy) lately, and so I’ve neglected my duty to scan in my postcards. I finally got around to it after I got back from Atlanta.

So, here we go. First up, Germany.

Germany 1

What a cute little abode.

Germany 2

I think I am going to start a list of places I HAVE to go to before I die, and I am going to use some of the postcards I receive to help me make that list.

Macedonia 1

Macedonia! I probably never would have received a postcard from there, had Ana not offered to send me one. To thank her, I sent her one. If you want to see my personal card, you’ll have to scroll down a bit, or go to the next page. Ana gets lots and lots of postcards. She goes into a lot more detail on her postcards that I do. It’s pretty neat, you should check it out.

Macedonia 2

For some reason, I’m always interested in what a person’s handwriting will look like. I guess it’s like trying to figure out what a person will look like if you have never met them.

New Zealand 1

Wellington looks very similar to Hong Kong. Tall buildings. Bright lights. Mountains in the distance. Water. I really wish New Zealand wasn’t so far away.

New Zealand 2

I’ve sent/received 3 postcards from New Zealand. One from the top. One from the bottom. And now one from the middle. Heh. Only I would find something like that interesting.

Pennsylvania 1

A lot of people argue that there is no point in traveling overseas because there is so much to see in their country of residence. I really should make a point to visit more of my country. I’m always jealous of people that live in Europe. They have some many countries nearby.

Pennsylvania 2

The freaky thing about this postcard is that I accidentally stumbled upon her blog before I got her postcard. What are the odds of a postcrosser having a blog, me finding it, and then later receiving a postcard from that user without ever asking that person to send one? Strange, I tell you, strange.

Somerville 1

I officially dislike ad cards now.

Somerville 2

And this is why.

Thailand 1

My very fist postcard from Thailand. I always like it when a new country arrives in my mailbox.

Thailand 2

Only 7572 postcards have been sent from Thailand.  I feel lucky.

Turkey 1

This is a postcard from Sybil who lives in Turkey.  She keeps sending me the most interesting postcards. This one here depicts “A circumcision ceremony during the time of Sultan Ahmed III.”  They had ceremonies? Very interesting.

Turkey 2

I always like getting cards from Sybil because she provides me with lots of reading material.  :)

Turkey 1

My mom told me over the phone that I had received a postcard that had people standing on a roof.  I pictured something a lot more wild in my head, let me tell you, but when I got home and saw it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out why they were standing on the roof. What a very exciting wedding!  That must be one strong roof, though, to hold that many people.

Turkey 2

I really think that Sybil may have the gift of gab.  It’s not a bad thing, though.  I learn a lot when people have much to say.

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A Few More Postcards

bya Gabrielle at 12:31 PM

A few more postcards came to me this past week. One from Canada, the first one I received from that country, and another one from Sybil who lives in Turkey.

This is her photo, I think. Pretty cool looking. I’d be afraid to take my camera on any ride at an amusement park – even if it was just the swings. I might chance it for a shot like this one though. It’s cool.

Phil thought it said ‘Hell from the swings’ the first time he read it. I think Moo.com allows you to make your own postcards with your photos. I’ll just borrow Phil’s printer. It’s pretty bad ass.

This is the third card that I have received from Sybil. This one is really cool, though, because it is from 1974. That’s a pretty old postcard. She sent it to me from Turkey, but this is a shot of Paris. Very interesting.

I really like the stamp. I don’t know what it says, but it made me laugh. Is that supposed to be Santa? Rufus Wainwright is awesome by the way, if you haven’t heard of him. Great music.

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Lots and Lots of Postcards

bya Gabrielle at 12:11 PM

This past Friday, 4 postcards showed up in my mailbox. And then on Saturday, another came. All I have to say, is that postcards from around the world beat a bill any day of the week. :)

Card # 1

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Looks pretty. I really like the old buildings. So medieval. I’d bet money that the sky in this particular photo isn’t real, though. Take a closer look. What do you think? I can’t figure out why someone would photoshop a fake sky into a postcard.

I found it funny that she didn’t spell out China all the way. Interesting stamp, too. I imagine I’ll be getting many history lessons in the near future. I’ll have to look up his name to see what he did in order to be deserving of a stamp.

Card # 2

Mikkeli, Finland.

Anna-Lisa wrote with a very interesting pen.

Some letters are dark blue while others are light blue.

Is that a moth or a little butterfly?

Card # 3

Sibel lives in Manisa, Turkey, but this postcard is representing Uchisar, Nevsehir – Turkey. Sibel was the first person to receive a postcard from me through Postcrossing. She wanted to send me a postcard in return, so I gave her my address. Turkey seems like a really cool place to visit. I’ll have to put it on my places to go before I die.

I like it when postcards have a lot of writing on them. I’ve always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon. Had Phil and I had the money to do it in Yangshuo, China, we so would have.

Card # 4

I was expecting one postcard, not two from Sibel. I was pleasantly surprised.

All of these postcards are making me antsy. I’ll need to travel somewhere soon.

Card # 5

This fighter jet came all the way from Dayton, Ohio, from Emily. It’s actually her photo, not something she bought. This is something I am going to start doing soon – taking and sending my own postcards. I’ve got over 5,000 to choose from just from spending a year in China.

This is the first card I have received from America. I doubt it will be the last. Something like 18% of Postcrossing users are from America.

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I’ve Been To Turkey

bya Gabrielle at 2:13 PM

Well, at least my handwriting has. Hehe.

If you’ve taken a look at my comments lately, you probably saw that Sibel, whose from Turkey, left a comment saying she received the postcard that I sent out on April 3rd. It only took 7 business days(8 days in actuality) to get there – which in my humble opinion is amazing. Sometimes it takes 7 days, if not more, to send something to my Dad who lives in Roswell, NM – you know, the place where the aliens crashed in 1947. My Dad was their leader! :) That is the only way I can justify my craziness sometimes.

I would have thought that the postcard I sent to Keller in Connecticut would have gotten their first. Perhaps it did, and it is just taking her some time to hop online and register it. But since we are dealing with the United States Postal Service, I wouldn’t be surprised if my postcard was still somehow in transit.

Unfortunately, Postcrossing is down for some strange reason today. I noticed it this morning and thought it may be my internet being screwy, but then Sibel mentioned it too, all the way in Turkey. I guess their servers crashed. Hopefully, they will get it up and running soon. The sooner Sibel is able to register my card, the sooner I’ll get a postcard in return.

The silliest things make me happy. I know, I’m retarded.

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