Old Photos of Random Stuff

bya Gabrielle at 11:37 PM

I was going through the pictures on my computer and decided to post a few that have never made it on this little blog of mine before.  As you can tell by the dates on the pictures, they are all rather old.  I need to go through all of my China pictures and see if there are any interesting ones I forgot to post.  I’m sure there has to be a few.  Phil and I took something like 5,000 pictures.  And if there aren’t any more photos, I’m sure there are still a few blog worthy videos.  I’ll try to find some this weekend.

I’m anxious for spring to roll around again.

I love taking pictures of flowers for some strange reason.

I am pretty sure that this was taken at Swan Lake in Sumter.

Maybe I will go again this year – get their when more flowers are in bloom.

RIP Dopple

Dopple was my favorite orange cat ever.  He totally could have been a real life Garfield.

RIP Morgan Rose Ireland Yvette DeWitter

She was the best kitty ever!

RIP Thames

Thames talked with every step he took.  He was one strange kitty, but I still loved him.

I found this grasshopper behind One Eared Cow Glass several years ago.

He stayed on that stick just long enough for me to snap a picture of him.

I don’t even know what this is, but it’s scary!!

Anyone have any idea what this critter is called?

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Turtle Jail Heaven

bya Gabrielle at 3:44 AM


This little turtle would appear to have it all, but even for turtles, the grass is always greener on the other side.

He lives in a gigantic home, has a plethora of rocks in which he can sun bathe himself, and all the food he could probably ever want, but even still, he sits and stares into the mountain of green that he’ll never be able to get to. What stands in his way? A fence. A blasted fence.

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The Beauty of Purple.

bya Gabrielle at 3:32 AM

Ah, the beauty of purple. It is ever so relaxing.

I wish these flowers looked a little more alive, but by the time I got to Swan Lake, most of the Irises had lost their full bloom. They were still beautiful, though.

Truth be told, I took a picture of this flower just because it was purple. Heh.

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Faeries Are Hiding Amongst the Stumps

bya Gabrielle at 8:10 AM

All maniacs write in purple. They really do. But I think that because of the template I have chosen, purple ink just might clash. If it does, I’ll just change it, perhaps to a more sane color – simply for the sake of your eyes.

In the picture above, there are 6 little faeries hiding amongst the stumps. They truly are cute little buggers. See how many you can find.

– G

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