March Madness – It Does Crazy Things To My Blog

bya Gabrielle at 9:59 AM

About this time last year, I wrote a similar post about my blog visits exploding for no apparent reason. I usually average maybe 20 visits a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. This morning though, when I checked to see how many people had been coming to my blog recently, I was shocked to see my graph. I mean, look at it.

Shiny Stats

Usually, it is my page views that go crazy(as you can see), and that usually has to do with Phil tinkering with my blog. Phil didn’t tell me that he was tinkering, so I have no freaking idea why, on the 19th of March, my visits went from a normal 25 to a staggering 88. ShinyStat, because it is free, doesn’t give me a lot of information, so I really don’t know who exactly came to my blog and why. I don’t even know if they people that came stayed for point five seconds or if they stayed to see what my blog had to hold. If any one knows of a good, free, and accurate counter out there – I would appreciate it if you pointed me in the right direction.

Key word searches are always high for Fairly Odd Parents. Apparently, I have one of the only pictures of Mr. Crocker, and when any one looks for anything to do with the Fairly Odd Parents, it comes up in the images section. If I started writing about Fairly Odd Parents all the time, I imagine my blog would short circuit due to the amount of traffic I would receive.

Recently though, people have been having a field day looking up information on squatting toilets. It made me laugh when I read one of the key word searches – “what part of china have squat toilets”. I thought it would have been more appropriate if they had asked which part of China didn’t have squat toilets. Heh. :)

And I know that people look up weird stuff on the internet, but when I saw this key word search- “pictures of women mowing lawns” – I could only imagine what the person wanted to find. I don’t think the picture I have was what that person had in mind. At least, I don’t think it was.

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