Fado in a Wine Cellar

bya Gabrielle at 7:00 AM

I went to Lisbon, Portugal for a week in 2004. While I was there, I had a nice dinner in a wine cellar. All the lights had gone out in the place, so we had to eat mostly by candle light. You can see the flickering lights in the video.

The women is singing Fado, a Portuguese song that is supposed to express the nostalgia felt while missing someone.

I wish I had a better camera at the time, so you could have seen the girl better, but I guess the important part is the sound.

I’m mad at myself that I didn’t take more pictures when I visited Lisbon, but at least I was smart of enough to catch this on video. I really like the sound. It’s sorta like opera, you don’t have to understand what she is saying to get it – you can feel it.

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