Dreaming in Chinese Again

bya Gabrielle at 6:15 PM

It happened last night.  I dreamed in Chinese again.

For some reason, it sounds like something that I would say to a shrink.  And no, for the record, I do not have one.  Although, I am sure there are countless people out there who think I need one.  :)  I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

The dream itself is rather fuzzy, but the little I can remember may amuse you.  I always ponder who all the yous are.  The stat counter Phil built says 50 some odd people come every day, some longer than others, but other than the few that leave comments on any sort of regular basis, I have no idea who they are, and if they care a wink about me.  I guess I never really will.  Oh, well.

So, yeah, I dreamed again in Chinese.  In this particular dream, I was at a big celebratory venue.  I am not sure if it was the New Year or if I was reliving a piece of the Olympics that I never witnessed in person, but it was big.  And there were lots and lots of fireworks.

The only reason I can remember that I was in this stadium like place was because it was also the start of new school year, and I was in charge of the freshman class.  I had to speak to them once the celebration came to a close – about what to expect and all that jazz.  This made me nervous in my dream just like it would have in real life.  I hate speaking in front of people.  How I managed to teach 30 some students nearly every day for a year is beyond me.  I guess I just got used to bull shitting on a regular basis.  :)  (Yes, Mom, I just used the BS word!!)

As soon as the event was over, everyone started heading for the exits, all except for me.  Something distracted me and kept me back.  Well, before I knew it, everyone had left and I didn’t know which door to take.  I called up the stair wells, but no one could hear me.  I was too afraid of getting lost that I stayed there hoping I would figure out where to go, but my dream said I had to stay. Slowly, I noticed that my surrounding were changing.  It was getting darker, and the walls were turning into stone.  Lights on the walls turned into torches, and bars with electricity came down by the doors, keeping me from trying to run away.

I looked around and started noticing that there were some Americans chained up along the passage ways.  I ran over to them and begged them to tell me how to get out, but they wouldn’t unless I would unchain them.  One even handed me a key, but I told him I didn’t want to get in trouble.  I have no idea why a prisoner with a key would still be chained, but he was.  What can I say?  My dreams are weird.

At about that point, I heard some noise behind me.  The prisoner told me that I should hide, but I didn’t listen.  I ran to see who it was in hopes that they could help me.  The noise ended up being a line of freakish monsters.  The one in front looked like Skeletor from He-Man.  Behind him were some wickedly evil creatures that only my mind could create.  Insert you own creepy guys and you’ll know what I mean.

He looked almost exactly like this!

He looked almost exactly like this!

Well, since my dream was in China, the creepy guys had to speak Chinese.  This made everything super frustrating.  It is times like this I wish I had studied my Chinese a little more because I have no idea what they said to me.  It was all comptlete gibberish to me.  I’m sure they were saying something like, “How did you find our secret dungeon?” And, “We must kill you now.”  I just kept saying over in over in Chinese, “I am American.  I am a teacher.”  I added some “help me” in English, but they didn’t seem to care that much about my presence.

I was feeling pretty helpless, but for some reason I did not run.  I just kept standing there pleading with them hoping we’d finally be able to understand each other.

And then Phil’s snoring woke me up.

Part of me was greatful that I didn’t have to deal with Skeletor anymore, but I was mad that I wasn’t going to be able to find out what was going on.  I quickly closed my eyes and hoped that I’d be able to go back to the same dream like I am sometimes able to.

Fortunately, I was, but the interesting part of my dream was gone.  The little man operating my dream center hit the fast forward button.   I entered the dream looking over a lot of paperwork – all of the stuff I had missed while being stuck in a secret Chinese prison.   Hey, at least I didn’t have to speak to the freshman class.

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bya Gabrielle at 10:43 AM

What do you think it means when I dream Phil is a vampire and he is trying to blow my house up with C4?

I think it means I have been reading too much of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.  I’m on book four now.  When I am done, I won’t know what to do with myself.  Any suggestions on what I should read next?

I don't know why, but I found this rather humorous.

I don't why, but I found this humorous.

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How Very Depressing

bya Gabrielle at 2:33 PM

So, the other day, I’m sitting in front of the computer, and Phil and I are talking about the amount of traffic my little blog has been receiving lately. We were comparing the statistical data from ShinyStat and the data that Anhost/Midphase collects. The two have never really been the same, and it has never really made that much sense to me until recently.

I was looking through some of the searches that ShinyStat said were used, found a particular funny one, and decided to plug it into Google to see A) where on the list my blog popped up and B) what else was associated with it. I’ll never really know why, but the phrase that the person used was “Bring Satan into my computer”. I thought all computers were inherently evil, but apparently this particular person wasn’t satisfied with the amount of evil their computer was producing, and wanted the real thing. Perhaps they were a Satanist or something. If they really were trying to summon Satan into their computer, I would like to know how exactly they planned on doing it. Did they have to sacrifice an animal or draw intricate pentagrams on the floor? Sounds like the beginnings of a really bad horror film to me, but I would probably watch it. Heh.

Anyway, so when I plugged “Bring Satan into my computer”, I discovered that my blog was at the very top of the list. At least now I know if anyone wants to read about possessed technology and evil cats, loving referred to as Satan, they will probably fall across my story. I doubt, however, that they will find what it is they are looking for. If you follow that link, you will notice little question marks everywhere. Phil said he will get around to fixing it soon, but as you learned when you read my second to last post, Brain Cell Bob, soon is a very relative term. :)

I also discovered that the link that Google was showing me was for my old blog on Blogspot, and not this one. Phil looked at me and asked, “Do you still have the code for ShinyStat on Blogspot?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I replied. I quickly signed into to my old account and went to look. Yep, it was still there, and suddenly, my high traffic(well, high to me, anyway) numbers started making sense. Not only was ShinyStat tracking visitors to my new blog, but it was also collecting all of the information from my old one, too. I took off the code, and well, you can see what happened for yourself. I’m rather sad now.  And here I thought my blog was getting more popular . . .

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