Awesomest Cupcake EVER!!1!

bya Gabrielle at 5:16 PM

For those of you who don’t know me too well, I absolutely love Cookie Monster.  And it is not because we share a birthday or anything.  I didn’t even know we did until I wrote a paper on him in high school.  Yes, I wrote a paper on Cookie Monster.  The teacher said I could write about anyone famous.  She didn’t say the famous person had to be of the flesh!

Several years ago, my mom got me a Cookie Monster cookie cake for my birthday.  It was so pretty, I had a hard time eating it.  Well, that and the icing was super sweet. I think it was the most awesome cake I have ever had.  I’ve got a picture of it on my other computer.  I’ll try to post a picture of it later.

If anyone wants to make my year though, just send me a dozen of these cupcakes on November 2nd.  It would be the sweetest birthday present ever!  I’ll be waiting patiently for your delivery.  :)

The Noms say it all.

The Noms say it all.

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Morgan and Cookie Monster

bya Gabrielle at 12:04 AM

I finally finished my cross-stitching project,

and I found the perfect kitty to model it for you.

Morgan and Cookie Monster

My evil kitty, Morgan is sporting the cross-stitched

Cookie Monster that I made for my new Nephew, Seth.

You have absolutely no idea how hard it was to get this one picture of her. She was hissing and growling at me the entire time. After I got this one half decent picture, she laid down and would not get back up. She sprouted horns and a pitch fork and told me to go to hell. Don’t let that innocent looking face fool you. She’s the freaking devil.

But I love my little furry devil, anyway. And she still loves me even though I made her wear Cookie Monster around her neck so that I could write something for my blog. I know because she told me so.

I speak fluent Cat, if you didn’t know. :)

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