Only Four

bya Gabrielle at 10:12 AM

Phil and I made sure that we had plenty of candy to share with the many kids who live in his apartment complex, but would you believe that only four kids showed up at our door?  And only one of them actually had a costume on!  I’m guessing that either A) the parent’s of the other kids took them to bigger subdivisions or B) all of the “Halloween is the Devil” people are living here and refuse to participate – which I hope is not the case.  I feel bad for kids who don’t get to dress up as some exotic person or creature and run around collecting candy one night a year.

Today at work though, I saw the cutest mother and son costume.  The mother was the Chiquita Bannana woman, and her son was a organic Chiquita Bannana.  The woman totally looked liked the Chiquita lady – basket on her head and all.  I wish I had my camera on me!

She looked almost exactly like this picture.

She looked almost exactly like this picture.

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