About Me

bya Gabrielle at 8:58 PM

About Me
  • Name: Gabrielle Olexa
  • Age: 32
  • Location: Matthews, NC
  • Occupation: Mom/Housewife/Writer/Narrator/Editor

Once upon a time this blog was about a maniac gone awry and the interesting things she found and did.  Then it became a blog detailing my life in China for a year.  I tried to maintain it when I returned Stateside, and I did for a while, but I found life wasn’t nearly as exciting.  After much thought, I went back to China – this time for almost 3 years and you’ll find several posts about that adventure.  Now I am back in the good ole US of A(indefinitely) and my blog is mostly about how horrible of a writer I am because no one will publish my stories.  I occasionally talk about my side projects – my audiobooks and the things I cook/bake up in the kitchen.  And maybe one day it will be about being a mom because I can now share that experience.  Who knows where this blog(or me for that matter) will be in five years, but I’ll try to keep it entertaining.



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