Rejection Letter #64

bya Gabrielle at 5:14 PM

Found another place to get rejected by, figured I’d try. Tried. Rejected.

Phil finally got the pen needed to draw my cover. Just as soon as he does that, which should be sometime after he finishes building Ash’s playground, I’ll be one step closer to at least providing the words of my story to the world. Who knows if the world will read them, but they’ll be there.

Rejection Letter #64 – The Georgia Review

Dear Gabrielle Olexa,

We are sorry to report that your manuscript has not been selected for publication. We thank you for letting us consider your writing, however, and we wish you the best in placing it elsewhere.

The editors of The Georgia Review


I wish I wr0te more or had more places to send my works because I really want to eat 100 cupcakes of rejection.

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