Rejection Letter #54

bya Gabrielle at 11:53 AM

Ugg. That’s how I feel.  I specifically stated I was not going to be accepting any rejections via email or mailbox on my birthday, but you know what? The publishing world doesn’t care about rejecting me on my birthday. I’ll have to look back through my posts, but I think I was rejected on my birthday last year!

Time to eat a massive amount of cupcakes.  That’ll make me feel better – at least until my next rejection.

Rejection Letter #54 – Ploughshares Solos

The Ploughshares Editors

Thank you for submitting to Ploughshares. Although we will not be publishing
your work at this time and are sorry to disappoint you, please be assured
that your manuscript was read carefully by editors and trained screeners. Our
reasons for not accepting particular submissions are varied and often have
more to do with the shape of our recent acquisitions and upcoming issues than
with the quality of writing we receive. Thank you again for the opportunity
to consider your work, and we regret any delay in our response to you. We
hope you’ll continue to read and submit to Ploughshares.



The Ploughshares Editors

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