Rejection Letter #51

bya Gabrielle at 6:56 PM

A few things about this rejection hailing from Zoetrope: All-Story.

1. They were very fast in responding to me. I sent this out on September 8th, and I got the rejection today, September 26th.  That’s 18 days, folks! So, if nothing else, Zoetrope, thank you for not making me wait a year for how you felt about my little story.

2. They totally got my name wrong. People often mispronounce it or will put an A at the end like they did, but rarely do they mess up when writing it. I’m thinking of changing my name to Gabriella to appease all parties. At least they didn’t write Abagail. For some reason, I get that a lot.  I figure I have an evil twin somewhere. Still looking for her.  If you spy her out in the world, please let me know. :)

3. Only 49 more rejections until I get to have my rejection party!

Rejection Letter #51 – Zoetrope: All-Story



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