What Will My Number Be?

bya Gabrielle at 12:51 PM

Currently, I am up to 49 beautiful rejections for the three stories I’ve been trying to find homes for.

16 for Jenny of Lebanon, 30 for Jenny Kissed Me, and three for Honk for Ferry.

Will I get 100 rejections? 200? Could 50 be my lucky number?

Only time will tell, I suppose, but I wish I knew.  Someone, somewhere will eventually publish me, right? Someone other than me?

I’ve spent some time editing both JoL and JKM lately, trying to make them better, but I’m reaching that point, hell, I passed that point years ago, where the story is just as good as it’s gonna get.  Time to move on and write other stories. I’ve used the little criticism I got for JKM and changed her up considerably.  I’m hoping when I submit her again, she will be better received. After 30 rejections, though, are there any legitimate places left to send her?  I suppose I’ll figure that out, too, just as soon as I start looking for some new places.

My number is out there waiting for me. And the only way to get to it is to keep submitting and trying. Even if it means more depressing as shit rejection letters.

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