Rejection Letter #42

bya Gabrielle at 4:43 PM

I really wish someone would tell me why “Jenny of Lebanon” isn’t good enough.  Any kind of constructive criticism would make me happy.  I waited almost six months for this SASE to find its way back to me.  To get a no is one thing, to repeatedly have no idea why is another.  There’s only one more magazine reviewing her at present.  I think my next big round should be my last attempts to get someone to print her.  Self-publishing may be my only route.  That shouldn’t make me as sad as it does, for there’s no shame in it, but it makes me feel so defeated.  I could literally die happy if I could just sell one story.  Heck, I’d be happy if someone liked what I wrote enough to want to print a story I’d written but didn’t have any money to give.

Sigh.  Shake head.  Chin up.  Gotta keep trying.

Rejection Letter #42 – The Southern Review





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