Rejection Letter #23

bya Gabrielle at 2:45 PM

I received the following rejection letter right before midnight on June 12th.  It made me sad.  All rejection letters make me sad, but every time someone says thanks but not thanks to “Jenny of Lebanon”, another piece of my soul dies.  Of the six places I originally sent her to, there is only one remaining.  If they say no, I will have very few possibilities left.

Rejection Letter #23 – Big Fiction

Dear Gabrielle Olexa,

Thank you for letting us take a look at your work for Big Fiction. We regret that although we enjoyed reading “Jenny of Lebanon,” ultimately it was not a right fit for us.

Writing is hard work – we know, we’re writers too – and we appreciate the quality and diversity of submissions we receive from writers like you. Thank you again for sharing your work with us. We hope it finds a home soon.


Heather Jacobs, Editor

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