Rejection Letter #19

bya Gabrielle at 1:51 PM

I don’t think I actually believed that The Missouri Review would  publish “Jenny of Lebanon”, but I had hoped, in some crevice of my damaged heart, that they would have written something more meaningful to me when they rejected me.  But alas, they didn’t.  Hope, it really is an awful thing.  And standard rejections forms are equally as horrible.  I have two other places considering her still, but I won’t be hearing back from them anytime soon.  And my hopes aren’t very high for them either.  They are prestigious literary magazines, and I’m just a random nobody who can string words together.  Outside of them, I’m not sure where “JoL”  will end up.  Like I’ve said before, her length is keeping me from sending her to other places.  I’m not sure if I should sit on her until I can find a place, or just self-publish and be done with it.  If you happen to know of a magazine that accepts 14,500 word manuscript, please leave the info in the comment section.  Thanks.

Rejection #19 – The Missouri Review

Thank you for giving us the chance to consider “Jenny of Lebanon” for publication in The Missouri Review.  Though it does not fit our current needs, we appreciate your interest in our magazine and your commitment to quality writing.

We wish you the best of luck publishing your work and hope you’ll consider sending us more in the future.
The Editors
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