In the Weeks to Come

bya Gabrielle at 12:00 PM

I haven’t received any rejection letters lately, which is good, but I haven’t received any acceptances either, which is a bummer.  However, I should be receiving a whole bunch of one or the other in the next week or two.

Since The New Yorker told me kindly that “Jenny of Lebanon” wasn’t what they were looking for, I’ve resubmitted it to two other publishers.  It’ll be another three months before I hear back from them, unless of course my manuscript falls on their desk and light from heaven illuminates it.  That would be cool, although highly unlikely.

I searched Duotrope and the internet for places to send her, but there aren’t many places that accept and pay for a story as long as she is, nearly 14,500 words.

I guess once I’ve tried every avenue for JOL, I’ll probably self-publish her.  I’m glad I live in a world where that is relatively easy, but I would much rather have someone else accept her first, then republish her later.  I’m looking forward to turning her into an audiobook, too.

And for those of you wondering, I have not become a millionaire with my first audiobook.  At least not yet.  :)

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