It Will Make You Cry

bya Gabrielle at 2:33 PM

In the past, I have received some very nice emails from students thanking me for teaching them, but the following thank you letter probably takes the cake, the icing, and the candles.  It made my  eyes water.  The student sent it to me and asked me to correct it, but I have left it in it’s original form.  It seems to be more powerful that way.  If you are an emotional person, I highly suggest you grab a tissue before you continue reading.

Got your tissue?  Okay, keep reading.

Dear Ms. Gabriell Olexa:

You teach us English that is greatly appreciated !

As your name,Gabriell–the woman’God, you scatters love, friendship and knowledge of English in our Qing Shui Wan community. When you have known that some people in the community extremely eager and try very hard leaning English. You , Who have always enjoyed helping people,voluntary teach us English for friendship. You ready carefully each lesson,you provide us with free tutoring materials; you give us the vivid class teaching,only three months ,our English have already greatly improved, especially in listening and speaking ability!You pleases very much to be a part of our class, you always share our progress and happy ! you say “It is easy to find friend in this world, but very difficult to find good ones” .You take us as your best friends!

According Chinese concept ,you have already become our loved ones ,you are our best friend!

All of us love you !

Grape myrtle is a kind of tree with purple beautiful flowers, your Chinese name Just is Ziwei (Grape myrtle ) yet ! Purple color (Zi se ) is a noble ,elegant color as well as purple indicate the fairy’s arrived (Zi qi dong lai ,紫气东来),the purple color is your most pretty color ,you are just the most beautify purple fairy in our heart.

In the Chinese traditional thinking ,we will work harder to learn English, in order to repay you,our teacher’s eduction of grace. We also wish  to share love ,friendship and knowledge of English with our neighbour in Qing Shui Wan Community.

We also say thak to your husband who always support you teach us English .

Our best regards to you and your husband !

(sing all of our names)

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