Young at Heart

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I have yet to post any of the pictures from my trip to Chang Xing, but I have a few more videos I would like to share.

On the last day we were there, a group of us went to what I think was a temple or a garden or something like that.  I think it was a temple or a garden because I never actually went inside the gates.  My friends said that the tickets were 60 yuan.  I guess they thought that was too much because they decided to walk through a field that led to a path up the mountain behind the temple/garden thing instead.  The mountain, or maybe I should call it a large hill, was completely covered in bamboo.  The trail that we took was rather tame, but in a few spots, it helped to grab onto one of the bamboo trunks as you walked up.  I probably could have walked to the top in a hour or so, but my friends, being a little older than myself, took their nice sweet time.  I’m not complaining or anything.  I would much rather walk up a mountain slowly and enjoy it, than rush to the top and fall over dead.  Due to time constraints though, we never made it to the top of the mountain/large hill.

While we were walking up, everyone took the right fork in the path that led further up the mountain/large hill except Yue Hua, who took the lower left fork.  It seemed like the path my friends should have taken, so I was surprised when everyone but Yue Hua took the more challenging route.  Yue Hua had found something she wanted to take a picture of.  Like me, she loves taking pictures.  It doesn’t matter if it is a animal, bug, or a pretty leaf.  And she always points it out so that I can take a picture of it, too.

Now, before I tell you what Yue Hua did, let me tell you what we talked about the day before.

As we paddled down a man made river in a blow up boat, Yue Hua said to me, “People tell me that I am too old to do a lot of things like this.  I tell them, let me try.”

These words echoed in my mind as I stood up on the ridge looking down on her as she attempted to climb up to us.  Of course, she could have easily have walked back down to the fork in the road, but she wanted to try.  And try she did, but the side of the mountain proved a little too difficult for the 71 year old woman.  When I am 71 years old, I hope that I am as young at heart and as determined as she is.  I admire her a lot.

Here is the video of her attempting to the climb up to where we were standing.

YouTube Preview Image
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