Taking the Dog for a Ride

bya Gabrielle at 6:50 AM

Dog in the Basket

I don’t know how the Chinese do it, but time and time again, I see dogs riding in bicycle baskets down busy streets.  The dogs aren’t strapped in and they aren’t being held there, so I can’t figure out why I’ve never seen one try to jump out.  If I put Meili(she’s my Shiba Inu pubby) in a basket, she would jump out and take off running in less than three seconds.  Maybe the Chinese are all secretly dog whispers.  Or maybe they just beat their dogs into submission.  It’s probably the latter.  I snapped this picture on a bus as they road by – that is why it is so fuzzy.  I never have my camera out and ready when I see them, so I am lucky to have taken this one.

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