Good Times in Linyi

bya Gabrielle at 10:59 AM

Seems I have been a very bad blogger.  I would apologize, but I figure this sort of thing is bound to happen a lot.  I have been very busy this last month and a bit sick.  Wanted to post something, though, so that you could see a little through my eyes.

Welcome to China!

What was given to us at one of our dinners here. The white fruit with black seeds is known as Dragon Fruit and it pretty good stuff. The first time we came to China, I called it Mario Fruit, because well, it looked like something out of Mario World.

Can I see?

I saw this when I was walking through one of the bigger grocery stores here.  It made me laugh not only because of the picture, but because it was in the kid’s section of the store.

China in a Box?  Really? I had no idea!

I had no idea all of China could fit in a box this small. I want to buy it just to see what kind of game it is.

China Construction Bank Piggy

What we were given to us for getting an account through the China Construction Bank – without the mustache of course.Acne fighters

If in need, the acne fighters for both men and women are here.

Water delivery

How water is delivered here.

Weird Chinese bird

This is one of the strangest Chinese birds I have ever seen.  It has white and black wings.

That is all for now, folks. I have to eat me some PB&J and go to bed.

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