Linyi, China

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Okay, this entry is going to be short because I need to make sure that I am well rested tomorrow for my first day at work.  Phil starts Monday.    I just wanted to let the world know that I was alive and well and that I will start blogging more regularly now that I have internet . . . although, what we have now is hard to call internet.  There is some weird program that the school requires to be on your computer in order for it to access the internet.  And of course, it blocks everything, even when using Phil’s awesomeness to get around it.  For instance, I can access Facebook, but I can’t comment or anything.  It’s frustrating.  If we just had a normal line, instead of school internet, I don’t think we would be having any problems.

Well, I suppose I should put up at least a few pictures before I hit the hay. Videos will have to wait until I can figure out a way to upload to Youtube.

Phil sacked out.

Ha ha.  Phil fell asleep on the plane from Beijing to Linyi.

International Exchange Center

This is the place we are living.  We are on the 6th floor.

Our dorm.

I am a little less than impressed with our living conditions.  We might be moving  soon, but I am not sure.

Our squat toilet.

Yep.  That is our toilet.

Shower and washer.

Interesting set up they have here.  Our shower is on the left and our clothes washer is on the right.

Linyi sunset

I snapped this picture walking around Linyi trying to find things to do.

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