All Hail The Purple Queen

bya Gabrielle at 10:40 AM

As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to be a Purple Queen for Halloween.  The thought only really occurred to me after I opened my dad’s birthday present that arrived the day before Halloween.  Inside the box was an awesome purple shirt that said “Everything purple is mine.  Everything else can be dyed of painted.”  It was totally a Gabe shirt.  There was also a purple newsboy style hat. It was then that the thought hit me.  I ran to my closet and pulled out everything purple that would go together.  You would be surprised how my purple I own.  I had Phil take some pictures of me to document the purple awesomeness that was me.  :)  I just wanted a picture of me in my getup, but no, I had to pose and look pretty, too.  Of course, the photo shoot went to Phil’s head, and now he thinks he can be a professional photographer, just like he now thinks he should be a pie maker because he made a really nice pumpkin pie for my birthday.  Well, anyway, All Hail The Purple Queen Gabe!!  :)


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