Invading Ants

bya Gabrielle at 10:55 AM

The video quality sucks, but my commentary kinda makes up for it.

Several years ago I started collecting Pez.  After I had collected over a one hundred or so, I ran out of space to display them.  That is when I started pinning them to the wall.  Eventually, they covered the perimeter of my room, and not long after that two of my walls were completely dedicated to Pez.  If I hadn’t stopped collecting, every inch of my room would be covered in Pez. I can only imagine what the ants thought when the found my room.  They probably screamed, “Jackpot!”

I don’t know how many I have now, but I am pretty sure it’s something like three or four hundred.  A few of them are worth some money, but the majority of them are worth less than what I paid.  People ask me why I still keep them.  I tell them that one day the world will run out of food, and when it does,  I’ll be able to survive a few days longer than everyone else.  :)

I was very nice to the army of invading ants.  I didn’t want to kill them, so I got a piece of paper, scooped them all up and took them all outside.  It took about four trips.  As they all scuried away, I told them not to come back.  And so far, they haven’t.  :)

Invading Ants

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