And I’m Back!

bya Gabrielle at 7:41 PM

Well, that didn’t take quite as long as I expected.  My little blog now has a permanent rent free home! That is, if you don’t count the 10 dollars it costs a year to keep my domain.

So now I can start blogging more regularly again. Horrah!  I know you’ve all just been heart broken that you haven’t been able to read about my exciting life.  If you click on the photo link at the top, you’ll notice that there aren’t any pictures to see right now.  I decided I didn’t like the way I had them organized.  I’m going to go through all of them and pick the best ones out and then put them back on.    Phil is also going to be working on the look of my blog again soon. It looks alright now, but there is always room for improvement.  So, sit tight, I’ll try to get some of postcards or something up to keep you entertained.

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