I’ve Been To Turkey

bya Gabrielle at 2:13 PM

Well, at least my handwriting has. Hehe.

If you’ve taken a look at my comments lately, you probably saw that Sibel, whose from Turkey, left a comment saying she received the postcard that I sent out on April 3rd. It only took 7 business days(8 days in actuality) to get there – which in my humble opinion is amazing. Sometimes it takes 7 days, if not more, to send something to my Dad who lives in Roswell, NM – you know, the place where the aliens crashed in 1947. My Dad was their leader! :) That is the only way I can justify my craziness sometimes.

I would have thought that the postcard I sent to Keller in Connecticut would have gotten their first. Perhaps it did, and it is just taking her some time to hop online and register it. But since we are dealing with the United States Postal Service, I wouldn’t be surprised if my postcard was still somehow in transit.

Unfortunately, Postcrossing is down for some strange reason today. I noticed it this morning and thought it may be my internet being screwy, but then Sibel mentioned it too, all the way in Turkey. I guess their servers crashed. Hopefully, they will get it up and running soon. The sooner Sibel is able to register my card, the sooner I’ll get a postcard in return.

The silliest things make me happy. I know, I’m retarded.

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