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“Where do you see yourself in five years?” One of the grey haired men sitting in front of me asked.

“I knew you were going to ask that question,”  I replied with a giggle.  “Well, I’ve always wanted to answer that question by saying I see myself herding sheep in Ireland.”

The above statement is not from a story that I’ve written or a joke that I received in my email.  It is part of the dialogue that occurred during the interview I had this morning with two men from the department of English Programs for Internationals at the University of South Carolina.  Gee, that was a mouthful.  No, I was not trying to sabotage the first interview that I’ve had since I got back from China.  I was simply trying to show my personality.  Thankfully, both men sitting in front of me realized it was a joke and laughed right a long with me.

The grey haired man chuckled.  “Hey, that’s not such a bad thing.”  For a brief moment, I think he tried picturing what it would be like to herd sheep in Ireland.  He had that look in his eye.

So, yeah, I finally landed an interview this morning after applying for something like 50 jobs.  It could be more than that, but I’ve lost count of how many I’ve applied for since I’ve been home.  The only reason that I got this interview is because I called them up twice asking about the status of my application. If I hadn’t of done that, I don’t think I ever would have heard from them. I know that you are supposed to show interest by calling, but Phil hasn’t really called anyone after applying for his jobs and he’s had 4 four interviews.  I guess people just don’t find my resume interesting enough or something.  Although, I have no idea how I could make my resume any more interesting than it is now.  I mean, I went from managing One Eared Cow Glass, to reading meters for Bermex, Inc., to teaching English to Chinese students in China.  If my boss at a Taste of the South hadn’t been such a jerk and I had stayed there longer than a month, I could have added pecan packer to that crazy list.  And if it hadn’t happened so long ago, I could have included dog washer, too.  How could someone not notice my resume!?  ; )

So, hopefully, in the next 7 – 10 business days, someone will give me a call and say, “Congratulations, you are the lucky winner in this edition of Russian Resume Roulette! When can you start?!”

I guess I can have hope.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

And my toes.

As well as my eyes.

And every hair on my head.

God, I am such a sick, sad, desperate soul.

I may be desperate, but I’m not quite this desperate . . . yet.  ; )

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