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It’s new! It’s improved! It’s still Mysterious and Misplaced as hell!

Welcome to the new and improved No more blogspot, and no more restrictions.

This website was built by Phil almost completely from scratch and all with notepad, so I’ll let him explain everything.

Hello all, this is Phil. Let me explain the new cool things you’ll find.


In the blog section you’ll find:

  • a random post button
  • a new post calendar
  • blog links for posts when they turn one year old
  • new rss
  • recent comments down at the bottom
  • most popular posts at the bottom too
  • improved pop-up comments
  • and a really bitchin’ header with slide-down tabs for easy access to the other sections

The other new things you find is an super cool intro, image gallery, panorama gallery, and video gallery. All very new and all very cool.

If you interested in the technicalities, the blog is using WordPress 2.2.2 with a custom made theme by me. The gallery is using Plogger with a custom made theme by me, the panoramas is using ptviewer for panoramas, and the video section is using phpyoutube.

You’ll find this site is full of new features and therefore you need a lotta things to view it all properly. To get the full experience, make sure you have Flash 8 or higher installed, Javascript enabled, and are using Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher. Click the pictures below if you need one of those three things.


I hope you enjoy the new site and new stories to come.

Thanks for visiting!

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