China Blog Awards 2007 Results

bya Gabrielle at 2:35 AM

Second Place

Well, I didn’t take first, but I did manage to get the next best thing – second place(technically 3rd – read on for more information)with a total of 149 votes in the personal blog category. I was really surprised by the amounts of votes that I received. I didn’t think that many people knew that my little blog existed. Makes me feel sorta special, really. : ) Perhaps now even more people know about my blog. That was the main purpose of Chinalyst holding the China Blog Awards. They wanted to drive traffic to the China blogosphere and promote link-love between the China blogs. I know that it worked for me because I found a lot of interesting blogs that I hadn’t heard of before in these past few weeks. I’ll have to add their links to the side of my page so that you can read through them too. There are a lot of great writers and photographers out there.

So, who beat me?

I was bested by Beijing Boyce who received a total of 198 votes. He sorta came out of no where toward the end, going from 26th to 1st, but I give him my congratulations nonetheless. Ryan’s blog, The Humanaught, who is the rightful owner of second place, came in with a total of 155 votes. Ryan has decided not to accept his second place win and out of the kindness of his heart has passed it down to me. I was followed closely by Ben’s blog, Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom, who came in third with a total of 126 votes. My congratulations go out to him too, as well as all the others who participated. If you want to see the winners in the other categories, go here.

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