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bya Gabrielle at 4:20 PM

Well, after fighting the Great Fire Wall of China for the greater part of the last year, I’ve given up. Yep, I’m throwing in the towel and jumping overboard. Like many before me, I’ve decided that it is just easier owning my own space. Because China hates Blogger, and blocks it on and off(more on), I’ve decided to give my blog a new home where people both far and away can view it without having to jump through hoops of fire. Tushes should not be burnt in the process of reading about my daily life in China. That just isn’t right.

That is the main reason why I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been busy trying to figure out the best place to host my blog. It’s unbelievable how many many hosting services are blocked in China. On top of trying to find one that wasn’t blocked, I’ve had to look for one that actually gave me a half decent service for a price that I could afford. That process was actually harder than it should be. I’ll write all about that later.

After weeks of scouring the Internet, the search is over. Thank God. I finally have a nice, new home for my little blog. Phil is still working out the details so that it looks pretty on it’s debut. He’s adding a lot of cool features and making it really user friendly. When everything is ironed out and ready to be published, I’ll come back here and give you all the link. It should be ready in the next few days.

The service that I decided to go with offers IP banning and it made me start thinking . . . is it possible to get the IP address of the computer(s)Nanny uses so that she can’t come to my site and block it. :) How cool would that be?

I’ll try to get a few cool pictures up this week before Phil and I run off to Guilin and Yangshuo for a week and half. If you have any suggestions about the area – I would love to hear them! Keep checking back though so you can update your links.

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