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bya Gabrielle at 3:47 PM

This really doesn’t need an introduction, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. This was an email I received today from one of the only good students I had in Fuyang. Grey was a very sweet girl, and much like the last time she sent me an email, this one almost had my tear ducts going. I think this is the only reason I ever decided to become a teacher. It’s moments like this that make everything that stresses me out worth it.

And I have no idea what that stupid blue line is. It won’t go away.

Miss Cook,

I’m sorry I haven’t been online for such long time.Did you have purple days.I have passed the high school advance entered exam successfully.Now I have been a high school student.Thank you for your help from the time we spent together.

Miss Cook,where are you now?Are you still in China.

Perhaps you are now far away from our country, but I think you will still bright smile, I hope you can spread the light of you own nomatter where you are.

This is my blog address

I hope that you can have a unforgettable time in China.


Grey is right here waiting for you

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