Cheap Shopping

bya Gabrielle at 8:22 AM

This picture is a little blurry, but I just wanted to give you a visual of how much things cost here. I got these down at the little fruit and vegetable stand at the end of our street. The family that works there is very nice and are always super helpful when I pop in to buy some things. So, as you can see, one day I bought three carrots, four potatoes, three green peppers, four bananas, and one onion. Back home, I imagine that all of this would have cost me $3-4(depending on where you shop), but here in Xiamen, China, all of this cost me 9 RMB or the equivalent to only $1.12. You can’t beat that. I would like to add that if I had purchased these at Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart, or Carrefour, they would have been more expensive, but then again, that is why I don’t buy my fruit or vegetables there.

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