The Things You Find in a 2 Kuai Store

bya Gabrielle at 7:34 AM

I thought I would post this just to make some of you laugh.

I know that in America we have brands that are made to look like other ones, but this completely caught me off guard. Everything on the box looks exactly as it does on the original, but the only real difference is its name. Instead of Colgate, my preferred brand of toothpaste, it’s Colqore. The same goes for the Crene. It’s supposed to be Crest. The brand in the middle is a knock off of brand as well, but I am unsure of it’s true name. I’ve seen it a few times here in China. It may be Black Man International or something to that effect. And where did we find these, you ask? Well, just right down the street from Er Wai in Beijing, at the new Chinese “thrift store” universally known as the 2 Kuai Store. And no, I didn’t buy any. It may work just as well as my Colgate Whitening, but I treasure my teeth a little more than to risk it. The printing on the box was really poor too. I have no idea where they had it printed up. Anyway, I just thought it was funny.

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