We Made It.

bya Gabrielle at 3:30 AM

Ah, a home.

Things that make us super happy.

1. Xiamen is beautiful.
2. The weather is great. (Feels like I am back home.)
3. Our apartment is wonderful. It is probably the best one we have had since coming to China.
4. The school is clean, new, and only a hop jump and a skip away from our front door.
5. The staff is very welcoming and kind.
6. We actually have students to teach, even if there are only 4 or so.
7. Did I mention that Xiamen is beautiful?

I think we are really going to like this place, at least right up until the typhoon comes and washes us away. Heh. : )

I’ve got tons of things to post, and I will get them up soon. Promise. I just have work to do now. Imagine that. It’s been awhile since I’ve been a teacher. I haven’t worked since January 15th or so. It’s going to take time getting used to the whole “I am a teacher” bit again, but I do know that I will enjoy this much better than Fuyang’s Yong Xing Middle School. That is for damn sure.

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