Quick Shenyang Update

bya Gabrielle at 12:27 AM

Just wanted to say that we FINALLY made it to Shenyang. We’ve only been here 2.5 days and I already have enough stories for a lifetime. I’ll post them later, as I am at school right now and have some students to test. When we either get Internet in our apartment or am given time to type at my leisure here at school, I will post all about my experiences so far which include . . .

  • The dead Pigeon in our co-worker’s first apartment and the condition of ours.
  • My first trip to a Chinese hospital.
  • The story of mistakenly ordering 2 kilos of dumplings.
  • Being run over by a cart of DVDs running away from the cops.
  • And the pictures of our new cozy apartment.

I’ll get to them soon. They are all very interesting. Until then, use your imagination.


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