China or College?

bya Phil at 8:02 PM

One would assume a professional teaching job is completely different from the glamour and excitement of college. I’d say this is true for the most part….if I was in America. In China on the other hand, the transition from Clemson University to teaching in China has been less than difficult. The Chinese have a good grasp of the American college lifestyle. The strongest being in a common drinking game I learned in CU…. “Drink till you can’t stand up.”

The Chinese are pro’s at this game and have actually expanded on the rules and made it more exciting.

A typical college night of “Drink till you can’t stand up” would begin with a quick run to the store for some beer.

Next would be designating a spot among friends on the 10 year old couch passed down from a well to do family to a small Good Will or thrift shop, which was then passed down again to a college student in need of an extra guest bed, which was then passed down countless times from student to student, semester to semester. Like the Chinese, college students understand the value of relics. The next step of course is to flip on the good old boob tube (TV for you non-fogies). You must find something entertaining but not too entertaining. The most important part of the game is an emulsified mix of friendship togetherness and TV entertainment to fill in the gaps. The rules are simple, stay seated, and drink and drink. Soon you will find, although you feel okay, that short walk to the bathroom is more of a journey.

The Chinese of course like I say have this down to a T. In college you only have a year or so prep for this sorta game. The Chinese have perfected it over countless years. They have also improved it.

They’ve replaced the shallow television with a table of food, and they’ve converted the simplistic beer cans/bottles to large bowls.

The rules are pretty much the same, but they embrace the standing as a cause and a creed. If someone’s not drinking enough, they all stand up and “Gombei”. Ya gotta polish off your beer and then you can sit again. This game is an international one. Language is secondary. There’s no TV, just lots of food, and if you don’t know the word “Gombei” the Chinese of course know the word “Cheers”. And you’ll know you can’t sit down until you finish because they’ll show you their empty bowl with smiles and laughter. The Chinese like college students understand honor. You have to finish your beer in respect to your fellow friend who just “Gombei’ed” you.

Thanks to Clemson University, I showed a lot of respect and honor to the fellow Chinese. Thank you, college!

And thank you, China!

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