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Beginning this month, I will start choosing what I think is the best keyword(s) used in search engines like Google and Yahoo to find my blog site. In September, I posted about someone finding my blog by looking up the phrase “Chinese teacher throws student out of window“. It was the funniest and that is why I’ve chosen it as September’s “winner”. It is a little bit delayed, but the idea just hit me.

The winner doesn’t get a prize or anything, but they do get featured in a post of mine. And that should be better than any prize I could give you. This does not mean that you should start thinking of the weirdest keywords to get to my blog. I just thought it would be a fun little activity to do on the side. Maybe you will enjoy it. I hope you do.

For October, there were 20 keyword searches between Google and Yahoo. It was a painstaking task picking the best one, but I think that the right decision was made. Heh.

The Runner Up for October is: “lucky hairy mole”. I can’t think of a reason why someone would be looking for information on a lucky hairy mole, but I sure know that half of China has one. At least one person on each bus that I ride has a hairy mole some where on their body and it is usually on the their face right beside their lip. Talk about yummy. So for the person that searched “lucky hairy mole” – congratulations. I hope you found what you were looking for somewhere on the world wide web, even if you didn’t find it here.

The Winner for October is: “cat bite heel superstition”. I have never heard of a superstition that dealt with a cat bite. So if there is one, I’m most certainly in trouble. My evil kitty has bitten me everywhere – even my head! She likes to do that when I sleep for some strange reason. Maybe she is just trying to tell me to wake the hell up.

My original evil kitty picture disapeared from Flicker, so I am replacing it with this equally as evil looking kitty.

My original evil kitty picture disappeared from Flicker, so I am replacing it with this equally as evil looking kitty.

I tried to look up this particular superstition, but the only real cool thing I found was this. As much as I don’t like to admit it, I think it might be true.

Dogs only bite your body, but cats will nibble away at your soul.

So, for the person who googled “cat bite heel superstition” – thanks for giving me something to write about.

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