News is Spreading

bya Gabrielle at 2:48 PM

I check my stats on my blog every once in a while to see who is coming to it and how they found out it exists.

I had to laugh earlier when I checked out the list of search words peopled used to get to my little blog in the last month. The search words usually have nothing to do with my blog at all. The are just so random that when they type it in my link appears somewhere near the top of the list. Thinking that my blog may be what they are looking for, they click on it only to find that it isn’t what they wanted at all. Hence all the people that come and don’t don’t even stay for a blasted second.

What made me laugh was this: Keyword= Chinese teacher throws student out window

I have joked many times about throwing my students out the window. I have even day dreamed about doing it. Maybe one day I will get so frustrated that I will actually go through with it. But the fact that someone searched for it means that someone somewhere did it. Or word has spread about the punishments I prefer to have in my class. Ah, if only it was so. Heh.

But yeah, I thought I would share it with you. It made me laugh. Maybe it made you laugh, too.

I did some searching and this is what I found. Indeed, someone really did do it. Wow.

Click here to read the gruesome details.

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