At Last, Some Pictures

bya Gabrielle at 3:47 AM

But still no internet in our apartment. Grr.

Doubting that the promises of the foreign affairs director will actually come into to being, I have finally relented and brought my camera to school. They have provided me with a computer and internet connection here, and that is good, but it would be nice to have it hooked up in our apartment. It would make calling home much easier.

Well, first things first. Pictures. I know you guys want to see some pictures. Let me introduce our apartment. I have not taken any pictures of the down stairs yet, but I will get around to that later.

The stairs to the second floor of our apartment adds an additional 17 steps on top of the 90 stairs that it takes to get to the 6th floor. It is a spiral stair case, if you can’t tell.

Our bedroom is right next to the stairs – the first door to the left in the picture. The other door to the right leads to the study that we have turned into a storage room for all the crap we found in the apartment that we didn’t want. We found an internet connection in the study, but we can’t get on with a password. And no one can tell us what it is.

That is the study, and it looks clean only in this picture because it was taken before we threw everything in it. The glass cabinets in the room are a nice touch, but we have no real reason to use them.

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